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A full array of Response Creating Solutions for Million-Dollar Plus Contractors

Every service here is specifically designed for busy sales people, entrepreneurs, and marketers of professional electrical services. Built on experience, these solutions help you increase profitability while saving time.

Power packed full-Service Marketing Solutions

Which of these areas could you benefit from automation, production controls, greater accountability, and more consistent results. Our project management, business outsourcing, and support services team is here to help you with ...

Marketing Procurement Management

  • Lead Follow-up Fulfillment -- Know that every lead if followed up on quickly without disturbing staff, or wasting selling time.
  • Value added logistics by campaign -- Save as much as 25% on your marketing, including access to new markets through cooperative efforts.

Strategic Public Relations

  • Trade and Marketing Related Publications -- Position yourself as a recognized experts to generate more leads, attract more sales, and set yourself apart, we can help.
  • Communications and Thought Leadership -- Gain influence and recognition in your marketplace as the number one provider to claim more sales.

Marketing Project Management

  • Customer Relationship Management -- Connect with the right customers quickly, maximize the value of what you know, and get more from your CRM solution.
  • Sales Assistant Support -- Focus your selling efforts on what you do best while prospecting, lead generation, and day-to-day frustration are eliminated.

Direct Response Services

  • Copy Writing Solutions -- Get better response from your sales materials and advertising to attract the right customers for your complex solutions.
  • Social Media Marketing -- Manage all your social media networking profiles and stay up to date while attracting more qualified leads with less hassle.

Imagine a measures based approach to marketing that makes you more money in every campaign. Know which customers and markets are profitable. Get more from every marketing dollar with accountable advertising.

Not sure which solution is best for you? Mix and match to solve specific marketing automation challenges you face today. Don't limit sales, waste selling time, or worry about your competition taking customers you earned.

Schedule your no-obligation initial consultation to discussion the advertising challenges facing you or your business, discover powerful solutions and gain insight for an action plan right for you. Click here for information about your initial consultation ...

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Automatic Marketing Profits

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