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Recommended Publications for Sales and Marketing Professionals

Hitt Publishing Direct manages a number of publications busy publishers, companies, and marketers. Services include hosting, management, editorial processes, and customer relationship management. Some of these publications include:

Newsletter for Sales and Marketing Management who want Profitable business relationships ... Join today!
Newsletter for High Income Professionals and Entrepreneurs Who Want Profitable Business Relationships

Commercial Electrical Profits

Transforming the Business Relationships of Commercial Electrical Contractors into Profits Guaranteed

Job In Procurement

Helping Purchasing, Supply chain, and Procurement Professionals Find High Income Careers of their Dreams

AdBriefing Copywriting Tips

How Copy Writers craft Words that Sell While Earning more as a High Income Professional

Prosperity Homestead (Permaculture)

Marketing support that makes Permaculture Design Consultants profitable

Want someone to manage your print or Internet publication? You can significantly lower your costs while focusing on higher value activities. Setup your no-obligation consultation to see how you may benefit from years of publishing and direct marketing experience.

Power Packed Full-Service Solutions:

  • Business Development,
  • Marketing Strategy,
  • Procurement Services,

Automatic Marketing Profits

Transforming business relationships into profits -- guaranteed!

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