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How to Start Increasing Sales and Profits in Your Business Quickly

If you want a clear plan of action to address your unique selling challenge then an initial consultation is for you. It's also the only way to get started with Hitt Publishing Direct. In your consultation you'll discover:

  • Ideas to increase sales quickly,
  • A second opinion to refresh marketing results,
  • Resources to move your company forward,
  • Ways to connect with technical clients,
  • Insights to generate more leads,
  • Strategies that increase customer retention,

This is NOT a sales call, instead an initial consultation is an investigation to find new leverage in your business. Prior to your consultation you'll get a beneficial information kit, plus other resources to help you find real answers in our time together.

Here's what happens when you request a paid initial consultation:

  1. Make a decision. First, you decide you're interested giving us a try, you want to pick our brains to solve a specific challenge you face in the sales results or marketing of your business.
  2. Make your deposit. After your deposit a "Initial Consultation Resource Kit" is rushed to you, which includes:
    • Fax-back discovery survey "Pre-Consultation Discovery Survey" designed to frame your specific challenge and helps us prepare for our time together,
    • Easy to follow flow chart which outlines the initial consultation process, including a fax-back "Reserve the Date" scheduling form,
    • Special Report: "What You Absolutely Must Know Before Hiring Any Marketing Automation, Campaign Management, or Sales Assistance Firm" (Item# LD8, a $39.95 value),
    • Special Report: "27 Marketing Mistakes Commercial Electrical Services Firms Make When Seeking to Increase Sales, and How YOU Can Avoid Them" (Item# AO10, a $97 value),
  3. Return fax-back surveys. You complete a brief discovery survey about your unique challenge, including evaluation questions that focus our time together, and include sample materials requested.
  4. Receive clarification request. In most cases your discovery survey and my research will trigger questions that need answered before our time together, this clarification result needs returned before scheduling confirmation.
  5. Receive scheduling confirmation. After you fax back your discover form and answering any clarification questions, you'll receive a scheduling confirmation by fax, email, or my assistant will call you on the phone.
  6. Telephone consultation. You and I will spend time together discussing your unique situation. I'll ask a number of questions to evaluate your challenge so that the appropriate actions may be recommended.
  7. Consultation follow up. After our time together you'll Receive a number of resources by mail, including a recording of our conversation, plus commentary and supporting materials related to your case.

As you can clearly see, this isn't just a catch as catch can telephone conversation. I prepare specifically for our time together, you get my full attention and focus, plus valuable insights from more than a decade of selling and project management experience.

Because your initial consultation is a service, it's guaranteed. Here's my commitment to you that one of three things will happen:

  1. You are completely delighted with our time together, but won't need any additional support. With your action plan in hand we'll part ways, happy for the results you gain. You'll get a certificate to use in the future if you like.
  2. One of us will be dissatisfied and feel time is being wasted, at that point the call will end and you'll get a complete refund. I'll chalk up my investment of time to experience, and you'll likely never hear from me again.
  3. You are very happy about our time together and want more, in fact, you'll want to see if you qualify as a client. A separate call will be scheduled to discuss your project, any investment made in this consultation is credited to your first invoice.

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose. But you do need to get started. Do you have a pressing issue, challenge, or some specific result you want for your professional commercial electrical services firm? Do you want more sales? More free time? To earn more?

It's easy to get started, just add an "Initial Telephone Consultation" to your cart, then check out so your "Initial Consultation Resource Kit" can be rushed by reply mail. You'll be happy you did, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Initial Telephone Consultation (Item# D1215A-AZ1, Consulting)
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