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Finally reach the right customers for less, focus on producing profits, without all the hard work and hassle of database marketing

Instead of managing your own database, updating and loading records, you could focus on creating profit producing campaigns while reaching the right customers now. When you have someone else manage your list, you reduce production costs, get the right selects, and reduce your level of frustration.

Solutions include:

  • List Management -- Improve your ability to access and use your lists, including data integrity management and database load-extract procedures.
  • Data Management Solutions -- Protect the most valuable asset of your business from creations through use and company growth. Will manage thousands or millions of records.
  • Direct Response Marketing -- Get the results of directly reaching out to only buyers, then having them contact you ready to buy without all the technical hassles of database marketing.
  • Merge / Purge / Append -- Lower your mailing and marketing costs by removing duplicate records safely, without concern of purging valuable customers. Even add additional information so you can contact them on additional channels.
  • List Activation -- Resurrect dead lists with vigor and sales, turn any list into a profitable business tool quickly without wasting money on uninterested contacts.
  • Mailing List Rental -- Turn your list into cash or rent new leads for your business. Reach more customers quickly, exactly matched to your product or service.
  • Database Management -- Tune your Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, MS-SQL, or other database system for fast access, easy sorting, and reliable data protection.
  • Multiple List Consolidation -- Put all your customer data in one place so you can quickly and easily market everyone who is a potential buyer to your organization.
  • Source and Ad Tracking -- Know which marketing campaign brought which customer so you can go back to grow any list and profits at the same time.
  • Campaign Metrics and Monitoring -- Which list is producing and how much better than another? Know this and much more when you have the proper list metrics being managed for you.
  • Email List Management -- Address validation prevents black listing, manage hundreds or millions of addresses in a simple easy to use system. Stay in touch more frequently.
  • Database Backups and Recovery -- Never be stranded without reliable data, or worse, never again lose your database and risk having to build it again. Restore from outages quickly.
  • List Demographics and Reporting -- Fully understand the needs and desires of buyers by seeing them by demographic analysis, get insights to buying behavior that helps reduce marketing costs.
  • List Permission Management -- With today's litigious environment, be sure you have permission to mail everyone on your list and identify areas to improve your permission marketing campaigns.
  • Lead Generation Management -- Capture every lead without typing in hundreds of response cards, improve your speed to reply and their ability to buy from you. Includes capture management, list management, and form production.
  • Profitable Customer Profiling -- Know which of your customers product the most profits so you can get more of the same for your business.

Ever have a database die, spend hours merging lists, or waste money on duplicate mailing. Worse, have you avoided database marketing because your lists are in every shape and form, unavailable for creating results in your business.

Many professional commercial electrical services marketing departments, and you too, have list sprawl. Every sales person is shaking a different tree. Not one knows who is calling on who.

Have you ever had a sales person leave with your customer list? Or worse, with a hot list that you should be able to pass along to another representative? With the right list management and database marketing services, you can avoid this problem, while turning names into profits guaranteed.

To get started with your next database marketing project, contact me about an initial consultation. You'll get to ask your questions for real answers in a non-selling environment.

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