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How You Can Lower lead costs and increase sales profits from your Internet Marketing

Yes you can increase your sales results and profits without increasing your staff, dealing with the learning curve, or learning some fancy new technology. You get all the benefit without all the hassle, plus can lower your lead cost in most cases.

Specializing in Internet marketing solutions for electrical contractors, including network installers, solar panel and electric generation providers selling to businesses. Start getting measurable results with new media technologies.

Even if you know what to do, perhaps you want support getting more done in less time. Many of our clients, just want to better utilize in-house staff, rather bogging them down with Internet marketing activities.

Here's how clients lower lead costs, while increasing sales profits:

Done-For-You Internet marketing production services

  • Audio pod cast production -- Turn your voice into powerful messages that connect your buyers with the insight of your organization without knowing how to edit audio,
  • Video pod cast support -- Do visual demonstrations, put a face with a solution, and show the benefits of what you offer without editing a single video,
  • Blog post management -- Without hassle or frustration stay in front of prospective buyers with a fully automated business blog,
  • Search engine optimization -- Rise quickly to the top of popular searches buyers make when seeking the solutions you have to offer, even stay up with search trends easily,
  • Pay-per-click management -- Run multiple campaigns, benefit from keyword research done the right way, and drive qualified buyers to your business web site without laboring or counting beans,
  • Landing page development -- Quickly capture the name, address, and phone number of highly qualified buyers without knowing a stitch about HTML or even sending a single email follow up,
  • Web site design services -- Instead of pretty web sites you get sales producing/lead capturing systems designed to increase your sales today for less than traditional marketing,
  • Social media management -- Connect with real buying prospects in social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter (plus the hundreds of platforms now available), without writing a single tweet,

Done-For-You Internet Marketing Promotion Services

  • Audio syndication -- Put your audio right in front of buyers no matter how they listen to it, including iTunes, for their smart phone, or by CD-ROM,
  • Video syndication -- Be seen on YouTube and other popular video services without all the irritation of submitting individual programs,
  • Blog post promotion -- Reach beyond your business blog with your content in other targeted channels so new leads can easily find your business,
  • Landing page promotion -- Drive targeted traffic to your lead generation landing pages without lifting a finger, manage these campaigns with measurable results,
  • Direct mail promotions -- Turn your house or rented lists into new buyers leveraging your tested on-line marketing assets, get more from the names you already have,

You don't have to wait till you learn all the new technologies to benefit from Internet marketing. You can unlock the power of social media, business blogging, multi-media channels, and other ways to increase sales quickly. Why wait, why deal with the headaches and learning curve when our trained teams can do all the work for you!

Discover how you can easily get more from your Internet marketing, or just get a second opinion on existing strategies with your no-obligation initial consultation. Other smart commercial electrical services firms are benefiting from Internet marketing, shouldn't you too?

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