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Do You Want Business Advertising Results You can take to the bank in any economy, recession proof your business today

Are you ready to get more from your business advertising and recession proof your business-to-business service firm? You get solid done-for-you or as much as you need business advertising results, including:

Advertising Campaign Management

How to create advertising that boosts your bottom-line now

What would it mean to your bottom line if you knew which advertising is making you money and which is not? Don't be an advertising victim sucked into claims made by media representatives, instead turn marketing into sales.

From "Start to Finish," we'll manage the measurements of your sales and marketing campaigns. You'll have numbers on testing, conversion rates, and profits -- each easy to follow -- turn today's marketing efforts into higher profits quickly.

Just as you wouldn't keep around a sales person who didn't produce, you can boot unproductive advertising to the curb. Do more than you can imagine with the same marketing budget and the return on investment we help you achieve.

Public Relations Marketing

Thousands of dollars in free advertising is waiting for the business that takes action

Do you want the kind of exposure that creates and keeps more customers? Be in the right trade journals, magazines, and news papers as the recognized expert in your industry -- and with this free advertising serve up new buyers on a silver platter.

News releases, announcements, and a healthy relationships with editors are great ways to compel decision makers to buy from you over anyone else. You need public relations to completely dominate your industry.

We can do it all, or just a little. Imagine the selling power of being seen front and center of major resources trusted by your customers. You couldn't buy this kind of coverage until now.

Profitable Advertising Placement

Take the work out of your next insertion order and optimize response

Want to earn more money in your advertising placement? Whether a single publication or multiple insertions, we'll manage the entire process. You'll save money too.

There is no cost to you. Our commission is taken from the publications advertising rate. If no commission-able rates are available, then you'll only be charged a small service fee.

Even bundle advisory services to multiple the impact of each campaign, with complementary tracking services you'll know what works and what doesn't. Are you ready to stop wasting money in your advertising? It's easier than you have every experienced before.

Do you have questions about which solution is right for you? It all starts with your consultation, ask questions, get answers, and develop your plan. Click here to learn more about an initial consultation ...

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Automatic Marketing Profits

Transforming business relationships into profits for commercial electrical contractors -- guaranteed!

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