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Hitt Publishing Direct provides sales people, entrepreneurs, and marketers of professional electrical services powerful resources to Create and Keep Profitable Customers. Specializing in serving complex business-to-business professional commercial electrical services marketing.

Justin Hitt, Managing Director of Hitt Publishing Direct
"Helping you do sell more everyday, connect with customers, and increase profits" -- Justin Hitt, Managing Director
From the Desk of Justin Hitt

October 16, 2017

Dear Selling Professional,

When I say "selling professional" I lump in the sales people, entrepreneurs, and marketers who spend their time on the front line growing professional electrical contracting businesses.

First off, you need to know who you are dealing with, that's why I'm writing you this personal letter. You see, I'm opinionated, focused, determined, and results driven. If what I do for your business doesn't do exactly what I promise, I'm also humble enough to tell you so.

Think of two companies with comparable services, to many customers they look exactly the same, little to differentiate them. You as an insider know the difference, but how many times have prospective customers wandered off to your competition only to be disappointed.

You, the selling professional is the only true differentiating factor for your business! And your ability to successfully implement sales and marketing campaigns is the only way to stay ahead of commoditization.

Do you know how many sales people, entrepreneurs, and marketers get tied up in day-to-day busy work, not getting a chance to focus on what you do best? Are you one of them, stuck in a rut of paperwork?

That's exactly why I created Hitt Publishing Direct, a service bureau whose only purpose is to help automate your marketing efforts so you get more done with less effort.

When I'm not checking in on this business, I'm out doing contract services, including selling for professional commercial electrical services firms. That means I run into all the same problems you face day-to-day. That leads to the second reason why Hitt Publishing Direct is perfect for any busy selling professional (the top producing type.)

Frankly, I was tired of managing my sales managers email when I produced three times as much in the field selling. After a day of prospecting, I didn't want to type in all my own business cards to update the customer relationship management system.

It wasn't because I'm lazy, it's because sitting face-to-face with a customer, or working on a client assignment was so much more profitable. What do you gain doing the busy work that eats up so much of your selling time?

You know the answer, every time you check voice mail, update a web page, or sort through tons of garbage email message, you are burning valuable time you won't get back. I don't have to tell you what's unproductive in your day, it pisses you off the same as it did me.

Now is the time to do something about it. I've designed every solution offered by my company to specifically help you sell more, in fact, if you don't sell at least twice what you invest in these programs in 90 days then I'll fire myself and we'll part ways.

Because I stand behind my company, you get proven results but not everyone gets to be a client. In fact, that's why only a limited number of clients are accepted. (Existing clients are also protected because I won't accept competing companies.)

Just like my members-only coaching program, I only accept clients who (a) have projects that I can get excited about, and (b) that I think have a reasonable chance for success. The same goes for my team who will support you, everyone you'll work with is the best for your project that I could find, proven.

Look, what you get is an alternative to the grunt work required in sales and marketing to be successful. You'll get support from a team trained in proven methods, driven to create for you monetary and time saving results.

Because the company has my name on it, you also get me making sure everything is running smoothly. Yes, you still might have a challenge here and there, but rest assured if that challenge slows down your sales results, that Hitt Publishing Direct can help.

Guess what I really do is plumbing for blocked or clogged sales funnels! If you're ready to sell more, earn more, and enjoy more time doing what you do best, then get started with an initial consultation. Or write my office with your questions.


Justin Hitt
Justin Hitt
Managing Director

P. s. If you want to talk with me, the only way to get on my calendar is to schedule an initial consultation. At first I was hesitant to bring in help when my sales funnel was clogged, but I'm glad I did and you will be happy you had us help you sell more too.

Founded in 2003 by Justin Hitt, Hitt Publishing Direct was originally the marketing arm of the Center for Strategic Relations. Now providing agency services for selling professionals who want to reach decision makers ready to do business now.

What Hitt Publishing Direct offers you ...

Do you want to increase sales and profits? You can reach more decision makers in less time, with fewer false moves, and without all the busy work if you choose the right partner. Every solution we offer is direct response based, measurable, and designed to sell. If you want pretty advertising with fluffy creative's, then go to someone else ... We create marketing that sells!

Solutions include copy writing, marketing campaign management, sales and marketing advisory, public relations, and information marketing. Our many happy clients have benefited from improved B2B lead generation, more profitable sales presentations, and day-to-day coaching.

Hitt Publishing Direct has relationships with print-on-demand services, mail shops, printers, and other resource partners to help you get your next project out the door quickly. If you want to magnetically attract profitable customers, even in tough business-to-business markets, you've come to the right place.

Get involved in a no-Obligation Paid Consultation or Contact Us with questions ...

Power Packed Full-Service Solutions:

  • Business Development,
  • Marketing Strategy,
  • Procurement Services,

Automatic Marketing Profits

Transforming business relationships into profits -- guaranteed!

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