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Automate Your Business-to-Business Advertising Both on the Internet and in Print, for better sales results

Introducing a complete done-for-you provider, specializing in the sales and marketing services for professional electrical services contractors. From start to finish, you get proven results in a timely fashion so you can focus on what you do best.

Can you relate to these statements?

"I'm spending too much on advertising with too little to show for it, worst of all, it's difficult to tell what's working and what is not. Wish I had the tools to know what's working."

"Social media marketing was supposed to increase sales, but now all I see is people screwing around on the Internet rather than getting any work done. How can I deliver my message without tying up staff."

"I've got a huge database of leads, but every time I mail I get half it back. Plus some customers are complaining I send them duplicates. If only it was all easier to manage."

"Now that we've got a web site it's nothing but trouble, I just want it to work without spending all this money on design when I don't even know if it's making a difference."

"My marketing campaigns aren't working anymore, I need someone to perk them back up again before I go broke (or my competitors eat my lunch.) The problem is I don't know where to start."

"It takes all day to follow up on the leads I have and when I do get appointments I can't follow up on leads. And, my sales reports, I'm so far behind to even start selling."

These kind of statements kept clients up at night BEFORE they hired Hitt Publishing Direct. Are you having these same conversations with yourself? Think about the unique challenges you face, imagine a marketing partner that helped you erase these worries.

Which of these best describes you?

Whether you are a single selling professional, part of a large team, work for a big company or are a solo operators, you can benefit from targeted marketing efforts. Here's a sample of some of our customers:

  • Electrical services firms who want more sales without the overhead or hassle of a marketing department,
  • Solar panel installers who wants more time for revenue generation than day-to-day web site updates,
  • Inside wiring contractors who want up-to-date social media profiles that attract the right leads, without all the hassle,
  • Network cabling installers interested in automating customer contacts and follow up for more sales.
  • Executive or owners who wants to boost profits with Internet marketing but don't have trained staff,
  • Entrepreneurs who want increased sales without daily management of outbound marketing campaigns,
  • Business marketers who want to get more campaigns moving with fewer resources and less time,
  • Commercial electrical contractors who wants more time for technical innovation and service support than finding customers,
  • Field sales representatives who want more face time with buyers and less time doing paperwork or follow up,

If you see yourself so far, or relate to one of these statements, then you might be the type of client we're seeking. Specializing in marketing support for professional commercial electrical services firm, including those with complex services who sell to other businesses, you get the best results because we're not for everyone.

What kind of results are you seeking?

Clients want specific results and they want them yesterday. Fortunately you'll have access to pre-screened talent, production resources, and other tools that make selling efforts more profitable (and saves you time.) Are you looking for these results:

  • More qualified business leads from your web site or direct mail campaigns so sales spends less time frustrated and more time closing.
  • Resources that help sales people sell more with less effort, set more appointments, and bring in new accounts weekly.
  • Attract customers to your business ready to buy, rather than to whine about price, because they know you provide unique value not available anywhere else.
  • Bottom line revenue growth month after month even in competitive industries, markets, or in bad economies no matter what.
  • Get the company off you back every quarter for results that astound executives and owners, and grows your bonus, without spending your entire budget.
  • Spend more time playing golf while marketing runs on autopilot, have systems that keep people selling even when you are out of the office.
  • Product acceptance in your market, even have your company specified in bid requests, virtually locking out competitors.
  • Reduce your sales cycle by 20% even when it takes months for others to sell the same complex solution, even produce winning proposals faster.
  • Automation that puts your marketing on auto-pilot with on-demand resources that let you focus resources on what you do best while we do the best.

You can solve these problems with the right marketing partner, someone who provides you a full-service solution for your business-to-business sales and marketing needs. You get more consistent results with fewer resources. Click here to learn more about solutions that grow your business ...

Why Clients choose Hitt Publishing Direct?

Because Hitt Publishing Direct focuses primarily on the project management and strategic direction of your sales and marketing efforts, you are able to focus on what you do that generates profits. With a team of hundreds of contractors, peer providers, and collaborative resources, you get results not excuses.

  • Spend more time selling,
  • Contact your customers more,
  • Lower office administrative costs,
  • Beat quota faster,
  • Hands free appointment setting,
  • Manage social media in half the time,
  • Have an up-to-date web site,
  • More time doing what you enjoy,
  • Shorten sales cycles,
  • No more stuffing envelopes,

If you have an existing web site, marketing campaign, or selling effort, you are guaranteed to double your results in 90 days or less using a systematic approach proven for hundreds of clients. Because results are guaranteed a paid initial consultation is required before starting any assignment, and not everyone qualifies to do business with us.

You'll be given specific instructions and resources to implement anything proposed to your organization, in many cases, all the work is done for you. Each solution custom tailored to your business based on information you provide, to seamlessly integrate into your existing processes and be completely transparent to customers.

All solutions provided are specifically focused on the revenue and profit increase for your organizations. While many seem like commercial electrical services, what you get uniquely improves your sales and marketing performance. Freeing your selling professional to grow your business quickly.

The only differentiating factor between you and your competitors, besides ego, is your ability to sell and deliver solutions to customers. You can be confident that what Hitt Publishing Direct offers is going to improve the effectiveness of your selling, so you can focus on profitable delivery of solutions to happy customers.

Bottom line: Hitt Publishing Direct manages the systems that create and keep profitable customers for commercial commercial electrical services firms. You get marketing automation that puts you ahead of the competition and creates profits guaranteed.

Or instead, Do you have a question?

"What about creating and keeping profitable customers keeps you up at night?"

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Maybe you're ready to see these sales results for yourself, if that's the case then get started today with an initial consultation. Either contact us using the form above, or see for yourself with an initial consultation.

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  • Business Development,
  • Marketing Strategy,
  • Procurement Services,

Automatic Marketing Profits

Transforming business relationships into profits -- guaranteed!

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